Memory Mapping Kosovo #2 – Third Atelier


The third atelier of the project Memory Mapping Kosovo#2 took place during 12th to 14th of June 2015. The atelier was focused on perspectives of women survivors of sexual violence during the last war in Kosovo, art representations and memorialization.

The setting of the atelier was designed in an multidisciplinary fashion that brought together prof. Nita Luci (anthropologist) and prof. Linda Gusia (sociologist) – to lead the sessions in a combined approach – a group of social science students and a group of art academy students to thoroughly analyze and discuss different aspects related to the difficult past of 90’, focusing on women during wartime, torture, abuse and sexual violence (as an instrument of war), how post-war societies cope with survivors of sexual violence, social and art representations in correlation with the topic (art, film, theatre, documentaries) etc.

The first day of the atelier focused on the field visit to inauguration of memorial “Heroinat”– dedicated to the efforts and sufferings of Kosovar women for freedom during 1998-1999 – and “Thinking of you” installation of artist Alekta Xhafa Mripa – realized through placement of thousands of women’s dresses and skirts on hangers in the field of Prishtina stadium – dedicated to the survivors of wartime sexual violence. On the second day of the atelier, participants in the project were subjected to watching and analyzing feature and short films and documentaries which elaborate our focus topic.

Movies and documentaries screened: “Remembering the Others” – by Ana Cigon, 2015 (43 min.) “Grbavica” – by Jasmila Žbanić, 2006 (100 min.) “Three windows and a hanging” – by Isa Qosja, 2014 (94 min.) “Kthimi” – by Blerta Zeqiri, 2012 (21 min.) The third day of the project was focused on reflection over the activities of previous days, discussing the theoretical materials shared with participants in prior, and working in groups to plan and design art representation projects about the subjected topic.

Atelier “SURVIVORS AND VICTIMS OF RAPE-IN-WAR, MEMORIALISATION, AND ART” – gathered around 13 participants – social and art sciences students at University of Prishtina,. The project Memory Mapping Kosovo#2 (MMK#2-2015) is implemented in close partnership between forumZFD – Kosovo Program, Alter Habitus – Institute for Studies in Society and Culture and University Program for Gender Studies and Research, University of Prishtina. Photography and Editing: K.Krasniqi

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