Alter Habitus organizes the first edition of ‘Mobile Literature’, a series of literary events happening in the cities of Kosovo. This edition will commemorate and celebrate the life and creativity of writers Fehime Selimi, Shpresa Vinca-Tuda and Mirko Gashi. Their literature will be read in the courtyards of their homes, squares of their cities or their neighborhoods.

In Prishtina (17.09.2018, 5:00 p.m.) we will read and discuss the literature of writer Mirko Gashi in the Kurrizi district where he spent a lot of time. The guest writers for the evening who will read their literary work are Arbër Selmani, Ardiana Shala Prishtina, Aurela Kadriu and Donika Dabishevci. Mirko Gashi’s poems were read by Rina Krasniqi and the poet’s grandson Simon Kurti. The poet’s daughter Zora Gashi Kurti spoke to Lura Limani about Mirko as a father and a poet. The evening was organized together with ‘Lirindja’ zine. 

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