Mar 30, 2018




Alter Habitus has started the publication of ‘Feminisms in Kosovo,’ a series of essays and academic works aiming to shed light on the socio-cultural dynamics of the development of feminist activism, thought and knowledge, from different viewpoints and ideologies throughout Kosova’s history.

Topics to be included in ‘Feminisms in Kosovo’ – Volume 2 are those that address gender equality issues, especially women’s, from different analytical categories including intersectionality. Also of interest are topics that address the contextualization of feminist theories in Kosova, either through civil society projects, government ones, individual artistic works or scientific ones. Confessions about lives of women, their achievements in the social, cultural, political, artistic and scientific fields throughout history are also that fit for ‘Feminisms in Kosovo’. The feminist analysis in the architectural and urban spheres are topics not sufficiently dealt with, and therefore welcome. Also, topics that carry feminist analysis of different literary works, or other artistic works, even films and any media text, are just as enjoyable. Reviews of various works are also of interest.

The volumes are published in Albanian and English, and in addition to the original papers, translations of works already published in scientific or non-scientific journals, parts of books etc. are also published.

Abstracts should be 300 words long, contain the title of the paper, author’s name and surname, along with a short biography of no more than 10 lines. The abstract and the short biography should be sent to by April 30, 2018. The admission notification deadline for this volume is May 15, 2018.

Papers may be sent in English and Albanian.

Do not hesitate to write to for any ambiguity you may have about the topics, submission deadlines, the paper format, etc.

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