Alter Habitus organizes the first edition of ‘Mobile Literature’, a series of literary events happening in the cities of Kosovo. This edition will commemorate and celebrate the life and creativity of writers Fehime Selimi, Shpresa Vinca-Tuda and Mirko Gashi. Their literature will be read in the courtyards of their homes, squares of their cities or their neighborhoods.


In Ferizaj (14.09.2018, 5:00 p.m.) we will read and talk about the literary and professional work of Shpresa Vinca-Tuda in the “Ismail Kadare” square. The guest writers of the evening are Agim Vinca, Qibrije Demiri Frangu, Kaltrina Lohaj and Mirlinda Koxha. The literary evening is realized in cooperation with the Municipality of Ferizaj and the Literary Club ‘De Rada’.

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