Memory Mapping Kosovo #2 – Fourth Atelier


The fourth atelier of the project Memory Mapping Kosovo#2 took place during 04th to 06th of December 2015. The atelier was focused on the period of 1990s in Kosovo, specifically on the Albanian peaceful resistance, parallel system and blood-feud reconciliation. The setting of the atelier was designed in a combined approach that brought together a sociologist, anthropologist and a documentary director – to facilitate the atelier sessions – and a group of social science students from the University of Prishtina as well as students from abroad, participating in the sessions. The group thoroughly analyzed and discussed different aspects related to the difficult past of the 1990s.

The atelier was led and designed by prof. Linda Gusia, supported by prof. Nita Luci. The first day of atelier started with prof. Gusia giving an overview on the break-up of Yugoslavia and the creation of the Parallel System. This first session was followed by the visit of the film director Mathieu Jouffre a.k.a. Matko Bulent. He presented sequences of his upcoming documentary “Parallel Soldier”, which deals with the events in the 1990s in Kosovo, and discussed upcoming questions with the participants. During the last session of the day the participants had time to read the assigned materials.

On the second day of atelier, prof. Luci focused her presentation on the reconciliation of the blood-feuds in Kosovo in the period of 1990 – 1992. The following session dealt with research methodologies. Here, prof. Gusia focused on working with archives and oral history as instruments and sources for scientific work on the past. In the last session, atelier participants brainstormed about the topics and ideas for conducting their own research with regard to the atelier’s topic “Rise and Fall of Peaceful Resistance in Kosova; 1990-1999”.

The third day offered the participants space for elaborating and writing on their research papers. During this process the students could consult prof. Gusia, who offered her expertise concerning content and methodology. Atelier “Rise and Fall of Peaceful Resistance in Kosova; 1990-1999” gathered around 15 participants – students. The project Memory Mapping Kosovo#2 (MMK#2-2015) is implemented in close partnership between forumZFD – Kosovo Program, Alter Habitus – Institute for Studies in Society and Culture, and University Program for Gender Studies and Research University of Prishtina. Text: S.Ant Photography and Editing: K.Krasniqi

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