Memory Mapping Kosovo#2 – First Atelier

27th of March 2015 marked the launching of the Memory Mapping Kosovo#2 with the first project atelier focused on the League of Prizren. The first atelier titled “League of Prizren between Occident and the Orient: History, Heritage and Politics” was held during 27th to 29th of March 2015. This atelier was led and facilitated by Nita Luci – PhD in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor – USA and lecturer at the University of Prishtina, whereas the guest speaker and co-facilitator was Shkelzen Gashi – Research Fellow and Publicist.

The first atelier consisted on a one-day field visit and a two-day intensive workshop. Day one of the atelier aimed at visiting the League of Prizren, where we met and spoke to Mr. Parim Kosova (historian) and Mr. Dashnor Uka (graphic designer, curator), and the tomb of Mehmed Ali Pasha (Maxharri) and memorial of Sylejma Vokshi in Gjakova, where we were hosted by the famous historian Prof. Masar Rizvanolli.

Day two of the atelier was led by Shkelzen Gashi, where participants had the opportunity to deeply analyze various interpretations on the League of Prizren, starting from official state history textbooks to Albanian and international academic textbooks. Participants were, furthermore, engaged in long and constructive debate focusing on the topic and events, fact finding and validity of various interpretations. (Selection of the reading materials for the second day of atelier was done by Mr. Gashi).

Day three of the atelier was led by Dr. Nita Luci, were participants were invited to read texts focusing on Exposure and preservation of cultural and historical heritage, Education on History, How to expose history and how to teach history. Dr. Nita asked participants to work on groups in visualizing the topics covered in the atelier to furthermore decide on the topics for what the groups will focus their writings in the form of essay, journal, article, etc. based on the information and experience gained from the visit, the historical narrative of the events memorialized in the site (reading materials, discussions and visualization, and available archive materials). Selection of the reading materials for the third day of atelier was done by Dr. Luci).

The first atelier (League of Prizren between Occident and the Orient: History, Heritage and Politics) of MMK#2 gathered around 15 participants, mostly students at University of Prishtina and few international civil society activists. The project Memory Mapping Kosovo#2 (MMK#2-2015) is implemented in close partnership between forumZFD – Kosovo program, Alter Habitus – Institute for Studies in Society and Culture, and University Program for Gender Studies and Research, University of Prishtina.

Photo: Vincent Lungwitz Editing: Korab Krasniqi

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