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Nov 05, 2017




On 22nd of June 2010, within the frame of the project Collective Memory and Transitional Justice in Kosovo (CM & TJ), Alter Habitus organized the first discussion ‘Politics and Practices of Collective Memory in Kosovo’, held in theatre Oda in Prishtina. This discussion, among others, put to the surface, various aspects of Collective Memory from a scientific perspective.

Panellists: Nita Luci – anthropologist (University of Prishtina), Vjollca Krasniqi – sociologist (University of Prishtina, Baki Svirca, who dealt widely with Cultural Heritage and Eli Krasniqi (Alter Habitus).

The discussion started with E. Krasniqi’s presentation of the first preliminary research results of CM & TJ project, namely the findings from the focus groups conducted in seven cities in Kosovo as the first stage of the project. Afterwards panellists presented their work – V. Krasniqi on ‘Identity, Memory and State-Building’, whereas Luci on ‘Location of Collective Memory – between people and populism’. Svirca brought his experience under topic ‘Institutionalisation of Collective Memory’.

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